The biggest unanswered questions in Captain Marvel

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As the protagonist of the upcoming Captain Marvel film, she most resembles the character that writer Kelly Sue DeConnick reimagined in 2012. Some examples: all the guys who tore down Wonder Woman, trying to tell explain to women that she actually isn't inspirational.

Alright now that you've got the super important stats of Captain Marvel, let's break it down, shall we?

As Elastica's jagged Britpop hit Line Up pierces the soundtrack, and before you can say Terminator 2, Larson's character has stolen a motorcycle and changed into the more 90s-appropriate attire of flannelette and Nine Inch Nails T-shirt to start looking around. When asked if he was a cat person, Jason said, "No, I am not a cat person". Or the Uber driver who told me Black Panther was the most boring movie he'd ever seen - was he watching a documentary about literal black panthers? His incredulous-but-game acceptance of a situation involving aliens and superpowers nearly makes you wonder what this film would be like if it were willing to be less of a superhero film and more of a buddy-cop comedy. And while there is a reveal or two you can see wasn't the original intent dating back to 2008, it's somewhat remarkable the tie-ins and tie-backs fit as organically as they do. She comes face to face with her piloting mentor Helen Cobb's younger self - a courageous, daring woman who is also willing to shred Danvers' timeline to claim the powers of Captain Marvel for herself, and who wonders if perhaps the older Cobb wanted to gift Danvers an ordinary life. Larson's performance as Captain Marvel lives in how even as she's fighting to understand her untapped potential, she rises to face the challenges ahead over and over again. The screenplay, by a mostly female quintet that includes co-directors Anna Boden and Ryan Fleck, also gets a bit hazy with the nature of Marvel's powers, although they certainly blossom during the course of this origin story. On Tuesday, Rotten Tomatoes tweeted that Captain Marvel was sitting at an 87 percent Tomatometer score, based on 93 reviews. They're the superhero BFFs I never expected.

Yes, Carol is a woman, and this is the first Marvel movie centered on a woman. Its clunky first act plops audiences on Carol's personal journey as she traverses through space with the Kree army that took her in.

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In a piece titled "Why the Internet is Buzzing About a Gay Marvel Character That Doesn't Exist (Yet)", Esquire reported Tuesday, as the early reviews of feminist "Captain Marvel" were streaming, in that "an online rumor suggests that Marvel is on the hunt for its first gay superhero for The Eternals".

Don't worry, we'll know if the movie isn't good. Jackson's clearly having fun as well, and while he's been brilliantly de-aged to look decades younger he does good work pairing that visual youth with a more casual, less embittered Fury than we typically see. To launch a Captain Marvel film set in 2019 with her being presented as a "novelty" in a man's world within the film's world would seem tone deaf and clumsy (even if that is what's happening in the "real" 2019).

And think about us, the women in the fandom, who now have exactly one Marvel movie about a female superhero, after over ten years of going to watch and support all the male-centric films. "You give him something to eat, he shows up".

It doesn't really surprise me that Larson would not know who Captain Marvel is.