North Korea considering suspending nuclear talks with US

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She added that while South Korean President Moon Jae-in has tried to help bring the US and North Korea together to talk, the South is "a player, not an arbiter" because it is an ally of Washington.

Kim is expected to make his decision on the matter "in a short period of time", she said.

The North´s warning came amid concerns over its satellite rocket launch site, where some rebuilding activity has been observed in recent weeks, triggering global alarm that Pyongyang might be preparing a long-range missile or space launch.

FILE - U.S. National Security Adviser John Bolton arrives to address reporters as the Trump administration announces economic sanctions against Venezuela during a press briefing at the White House in Washington, Jan. 28, 2019.

At the summit, US President Donald Trump and Kim ended their meeting sooner than scheduled without reaching any agreement.

They also echo comments made by Choe in the aftermath of that meeting, in which she told press that she was unsure "whether (we) should continue talks" and that leader Kim Jong Un is "changing his thought a bit" when it came to negotiations with the U.S.

Speaking at an urgent meeting with diplomats and foreign media in Pyongyang, Vice Foreign Minister Choe Son-hui cited the USA attitude in the recent Hanoi summit.

United Nations -led sanctions were a major sticking point, with Pyongyang calling for the lifting of several Security Council sanctions against it in return for dismantling the Yongbyon nuclear complex under the monitoring of US experts. "We have every expectation he will live up to that commitment", he said.

The US envoy said on Monday that diplomacy with Pyongyang "is still very much alive", and expressed hope that Washington would be able to maintain "close engagement" with North Korea despite the recent summit setback.

"In Hanoi, on multiple occasions, he spoke directly to the President and made a commitment that he would not resume nuclear testing" or missile testing, Pompeo said.

"Kim Jong Un could announce his position on nuclear negotiations with the USA and possibly even how he intends to follow up on his comment in his New Year's speech about "seeking a new path" if the United States continues to exert pressure", said Minyoung Lee, an analyst at NK Pro.

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"Sometimes you have to walk", Trump said during a news conference following the conclusion of the talks, which broke up earlier than planned. Hanoi was supposed to be the part of the same old story where the US accepted a meager offer from North Korea and declared diplomatic victory, only to watch the North Koreans take back everything they "gave away" a few months later and demand fresh concessions to refrain from further provocations.

John Delury, an expert on East Asia at Seoul's Yonsei University, said Choe's comments could be seen as a response to Bolton's threat to ramp up sanctions and did not mean the door to dialogue was closed.

Pompeo said the US expects Kim to live up to his promise to Trump to maintain the moratorium on missile launches and nuclear tests.

"That's Chairman Kim's word", Mr Pompeo said.

"I don't think that really falls in the line of the way that the North Koreans approach things".

'This time we understood very clearly that the United States has a very different calculation to ours, ' she added.

'What is clear is that the US has thrown away a golden opportunity this time, ' she said.

North Korea claimed it had only requested a partial lifting of the sanctions.

South Korean officials are reportedly monitoring the situation.

The spokeswoman said the ministry had not confirmed why the North Korean officials decided not to attend.