Highland MP renews calls for a People's Vote on European Union membership

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Opposition Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn has demanded a general election after embattled Prime Minister Theresa May's second major parliamentary defeat on the Brexit, saying she must let the people decide who should lead them into the next phase of the UK's divorce deal with the EU.

Speaking in the Commons, May said told MPs "this is the moment" and "this is the time for us to come together, back this motion and get the deal done because only then can we get on with what we came here to do, what we were sent here to do".

Labour MP for Portsmouth South, Stephen Morgan, said a no-deal would be "disastrous for Portsmouth" and is campaigning for a second public referendum over Brexit.

Theresa May has claimed she still understands the voice of the country on Brexit despite losing her own.

Wednesday's no-deal debate will begin after Prime Minister's Questions and Chancellor Philip Hammond's Spring Statement economic update. We will vote to stop no-deal Brexit on March 29.

Mrs May said the plan was unworkable, highlighting how any transition period would require a deal with the EU.

Morecambe and Lunesdale MP David Morris voted in favour of Theresa May's deal.

Following that ruling, the Brexiteer ERG group of Tory MPs as well as the DUP said it could not recommend backing the deal.

"He used to believe that too, why is he just trying to frustrate it?" But Tory MP Charlie Walker, a May loyalist, had warned before last night's vote that one would ensue "as sure as night follows day" if she lost again.

Heidi Allen MP
Heidi Allen MP

That's why some MPs are starting to say, as they did last time, it is unwise for her to keep marching into gunfire to do again what no prime minister had done in recent memory - to go into a crucial vote all but knowing you are going to lose, and lose badly.

She has no plans to return to Brussels to ask for more concessions, they added.

To avoid a walkout by Cabinet ministers who oppose a no-deal Brexit, Mrs May initially gave Tories a free vote on the Government motion.

"The EU has made it clear they would not accept elements of what is in the current Withdrawal Agreement without them being in a Withdrawal Agreement".

"We owe it to the country to provide them with a government that can govern", he said.

A No 10 spokesman said she did not discuss resigning after her latest defeat because her government had recently won a confidence vote in the Commons. "We are committed to ratifying this deal before 29 March".

In his concluding remarks, he said: "The Prime Minister's deal has failed, she no longer has the ability to lead, this is a rudderless Government in the face of a huge national crisis".

"That funding is being used to ensure we have preparations for a no deal".

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