European Union moots extending Brexit deadline by some months

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Dear Prime Minister, It is with tremendous sadness that I have chose to resign from the government following the decision this week to allow the postponement of our exit from the EU.

The UK government is launching a TV campaign to urge Britons to be ready for a no-deal Brexit, the country's top civil servant said.

If Britain's Attorney General Geoffrey Cox can clinch a legal fudge, he would be able to change his legal advice and that, it is hoped, would bring Brexit-supporting Conservative Party MPs behind the deal.

Eustice indicated his departure from the government was to be free to participate in the parliamentary Brexit debates, but also against May's decision to offer a vote to MPs to extend Article 50 if they can not agree on a Brexit deal; something which Eustice described as potentially being "the final humiliation of our country".

Michel Barnier stressed that the main question for the Europeans in the event of a British request for a postponement was to "to what end?"

Theresa May has said she does not want Brexit to be delayed any longer, and that they should be focused on ensuring that it arrives on March 29 and that there is an agreement that allows the United Kingdom to formalize its withdrawal.

British Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt said last month that the key to securing a Brexit deal that the British government can get through parliament was to define the "temporary" nature of the Irish backstop more precisely.

May has promised to put the text to MPs again by March 12 and if they reject it, to allow a vote on whether Britain should leave the European Union with no deal, or seek to delay Brexit beyond March 29.

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The chances of the Government's deal passing were boosted further by suggestions from Labour that they could back the withdrawal agreement in return for it being put to the public in a second referendum. Writing in the Daily Mail, May said talks with the European Union about securing changes to the divorce deal to make it more palatable to Parliament have "begun to bear fruit".

Until May conceded the possibility of an extension - the EU Council President Donald Tusk said it would be a "rational solution" - there were growing fears about a "no-deal" Brexit and what its impact would be on both sides of the English Channel.

A new party backed by Nigel Farage, the insurgent who helped shove Britain towards the European Union exit, has a message for the country's leaders: The foundations of the political system will explode if Brexit is betrayed.

Mr Eustice is a longstanding Brexiteer, who stood as a UKIP MEP candidate before joining the Conservatives. He has been a brilliant minister and will remain a dear friend.

Environment minister Michael Gove said he was sorry to see Eustice leave. He will be very much missed.

"Any illusion to strong and stable ended before it began, but this is beyond parody".

The Country Land and Business Association (CLA) responded to Mr Eustice's resignation with disappointment.

"He has held the position since 2015, and has maintained a strong voice on behalf of the farming industry during that time", Breitmeyer said.