Brexit: Prime Minister Theresa May Accused of 'Bribe' Over New Fund

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However, Labour MP Caroline Flint says as many as 70 of her party oppose holding a second Brexit referendum.

Meanwhile, Britain's global trade secretary yesterday welcomed proposals drawn up by hard-line Brexit supporters that outline what it will take for them to support Prime Minister Theresa May's deal with the European Union.

Brussels was represented by top Brexit negotiator Michel Barnier, whilst Brexit Secretary Stephen Barcley and Attorney General Geoffrey Cox attended for the UK.

Anna Turner, MP for Redcar, believes that large funding cuts for councils mean that this allocation amounts to, in effect, an incomplete rebate. It can't be a reinterpretation of the withdrawal agreement or a re-emphasis; it's got to be really clear language as to where we are going ...

Many Brexiteers oppose the backstop, a contingency plan to avoid the return of a hard border in Ireland, because it would leave the United Kingdom bound by European Union rules if no future trade deal is agreed.

Indicating he will stand firm on the backstop, he said: "Our borders also need to guarantee fair competition". He declined to go into any specifics about the kind of legally binding changes Cox was trying to secure.

"We're now at a particularly critical stage in these negotiations", said a spokesman for British Prime Minister Theresa May on Monday.

PM Theresa May's announcement that £1.6bn will be given to towns in the Midlands and northern England, in a bid to win over politicians in "leave-supporting" areas to back her Brexit deal, has been branded a "bribe" by Labour MPs.

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"Communities across the country voted for Brexit as an expression of their desire to see change - that must be a change for the better, with more opportunity and greater control".

She said: "After decades of neglect a one-off payment created to help the Prime Minister ahead of a key Brexit vote will fail, and it will confirm to people in our towns that the government is not serious in its commitment to our communities".

"For too long in our country prosperity has been unfairly spread", May said in a statement released by her office.

Our political correspondent Iain Watson said the verdict from the group of lawyers was significant because one of them was the DUP's Westminster leader Nigel Dodds, and another was the former Brexit secretary Dominic Raab.

Voters will not be deceived, especially those in areas where they voted for the Brexit, but who want a second referendum now because they know that any withdrawal will affect their future, Soubry noted.

The government announced its new Stronger Towns Fund which aims to support "struggling" areas across the country, which it is understood will aim to partly replace European Union development schemes already in effect.

As well as the money being dished out by region another £600m will be available through a bidding process to communities in any part of the country.

European Union leaders insist the withdrawal agreement will not be reopened, and talks in Brussels are focused on drafting a separate document to placate doubters in London.