Warning to parents about unsafe Momo Challenge that targeting children

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In addition to schools, organisations like the National Online Safety, have issued a warning to parents about an online challenge that has recently resurfaced online.

Police have issued a warning over an alleged "suicide game" where children are contacted on social media and urged to harm themselves.

The internet-based challenge uses a scary doll-like image, which originates from a sculpture in a Tokyo gallery that has nothing to do with the game, to encourage users to take part in risky or violent challenges.

A unsafe social media craze targeting young children has sparked concerns - but north-east officers said parents "should not panic".

They say there are no verified reports of Momo causing any children to engage in self-harm and that many accounts of child suicides or other behaviors are being falsely attributed.

According to the Rolling Stone, tasks escalate from watching a scary movie to self-harm to suicide.

The disturbing challenges have been linked to the death of a 12-year-old girl in Argentina.

'Honey said she'd never watched a video of this sick freak telling her to do bad or risky things but that she's popped up in loads of innocent kids videos on YouTube, where her neck twists round or she'll walk across the screen!

The disturbing game first garnered worldwide attention in September 2018, when two Colombian children committed suicide after participating in the "Momo" challenge.

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How to keep your kids safe from "The Momo Challenge". This will help your child to feel confident to come with you over distressing things they have seen online.

Kim Kardashian took to Instagram on February 27 to share messages from concerned parents about the scary "Momo Challenge" and urged YouTube to help stop the disturbing videos from reaching their kids.

"It has also been suggested that "Momo" has infected a number of platforms, including YouTube, Fortnite and WhatsApp". But the "supernatural" threat here isn't totally specious, and topics like this need to be addressed-it's possible that a child could injure themselves because they think some ghost or ghoul is really going to hurt them or their families.

Schools across the United Kingdom are also alerting parents to the potential dangers of the viral videos.

The image of Momo appearing across social media.

YouTube also said they have not had any links sent to them that violate their standards by showing the Momo Challenge.

Can I personally confirm that this challenge is 100% actually real?

"As parents, its all too easy sometimes to hand over a device to a child for that few minutes peace but there can be devastating consequences if they are left unsupervised".

Parents are also reminded to teach their children not to talk to strangers online.