Trump Won't Rule Out Another Shutdown in Border Wall Dispute

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When Brennan pointed out that Pelosi has "offered [Trump] over a billion dollars for border security" but doesn't want a wall, Trump asserted that a border barrier is necessary for proper border enforcement.

President Trump said Sunday he discovered how "very rigid" Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi is during the month long government shutdown over negotiations for money to build his border wall.

In response, Drew Hammill, a Pelosi spokesman, said in a statement on Friday night that "President Trump's recklessness didn't make us safer, it undermined our security with 35 days of border patrol agents, DEA agents, Federal Bureau of Investigation agents and Homeland Security personnel missing paychecks".

Trump is therefore set to declare a national emergency over what he claims is a crisis at the southern border, allowing him to find funds in military and other budgets. "Basically, she wants open borders, she does not mind human trafficking", he said as he accused Pelosi of doing very bad politics. "She knows that you need a barrier".

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Meantime, Trump also suggested more changes to his Cabinet are coming and said he wants to keep USA troops in Iraq to keep an eye on neighboring Iran. She added that the 17 House and Senate negotiators working on legislation to fund homeland security for the year should decide the components of the nation's border security. Most on both sides of America's partisan divide concluded that the shutdown was a victory for Pelosi, who kept her party in line and forced the president to end the shutdown he provoked without achieving his aim. "Democrats have put forward strong, smart and effective border security solutions in the bipartisan conference committee, while the President still refuses to take a second shutdown off the table".

"We're building a lot of wall right now as we speak, and we're renovating a lot of wall, and we're getting ready to give out some very big contracts with money that we have on hand and money that comes in".

"I would say we will have 115 miles of wall, maybe a little more than that, very shortly". "We have very fast airplanes, we have very good cargo planes". All I want to do is be able to watch.

"Look, whether we should have been there in the first place, that's first question", Trump said. "We're going to keep watching and we're going to keep seeing and if there's trouble, if somebody is looking to do nuclear weapons or other things, we're going to know it before they do". Trump said his aversion to letting his son play football is because "it's a unsafe sport and I think it's really tough".