Theresa May heckled as she denies 'running down the clock' on Brexit

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Writing to the Labour party leader on Sunday evening, May dismissed his calls to remain in a customs union but backed further talks as the prime minister seeks to buy more time to renegotiate her Brexit deal in Brussels. But so far European Union officials have refused to make any changes to the agreement, leaving Ms.

However, it seems most MPs will now wait until the end of the month, mindful that amendments are unlikely to win enough support this time given Conservative MPs are minded to give May another couple of weeks to talk to the EU. Meanwhile, the cost of the growing uncertainty is piling up as business investment all but vanishes and the economy slows to its weakest growth rate in almost a decade.

Asking the very same MPs who just a month ago brutally rejected her plan to leave the EU, May said on Tuesday talks are at a "crucial stage".

The announcement came as she urged MPs to "hold their nerve" and support her efforts to secure a withdrawal deal which would deliver Brexit by the end of March.

In a statement to parliament to update lawmakers on her negotiations with the European Union to secure changes to the Brexit deal, May said she wanted lawmakers from all parties to back the Brexit deal she is aiming to strike, citing the need to pass further legislation to prepare for Britain's exit from the EU.

But Mr Johnson insisted that a separate codicil setting out amendments to the backstop plan would not be "good enough", indicating that he is holding out for changes to the text of the agreement itself.

MPs on all sides of the House of Commons are concerned that Mrs May is planning to run down the clock to Britain's scheduled exit day on March 29, risking a potentially disastrous divorce without an agreement in place.

The United Kingdom is on course to leave the European Union on 29 March without a deal unless May can convince the bloc to reopen the divorce deal she agreed to in November and then sell it to sceptical British MPs. "No point winning Labour MPs, by losing Tories!"

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We also learned from the Leader of the House that any changes to the backstop won't be written into the legally-binding Withdrawal Agreement.

Brexit Secretary Stephen Barclay will be in Brussels later today to meet the EU's Chief Brexit negotiator Michel Barnier.

It was a historic moment in parliament - the night MPs, many of them from May's own party, dealt the PM and her Brexit deal a defeat so severe a sitting government had never before experienced such a loss.

Slack also told reporters May's statement to Parliament on Brexit has been brought forward to Tuesday from Wednesday. May's comments, saying that she and other British officials have offered no "concrete proposals to break the deadlock".

"Brexit uncertainty is certainly not helping matters on the economic front, but it is probably only a secondary factor in this slowdown, with the primary cause being a drop in overall global activity", noted David Cheetham, chief market analyst at XTB trading group.

Britain's economy slowed past year to its weakest growth rate since the global financial crisis as mounting uncertainty over Brexit weighed on businesses and kept a lid on their investments, official figures showed Monday.

In the fourth quarter, business investment fell by 1.4 per cent for the fourth straight quarterly decline - the first time that has happened since the financial crisis. Although lawmakers asked for the backstop to be removed, May has said since that the backstop will remain, and that Parliament merely asked for it to be altered.

There is definitely worry among many MPs that May could either inadvertently trigger a no-deal Brexit by vacillating too long in search of a non-existent breakthrough, or even that she might actively prefer this to a deal which would split her party. "You have got to recognize this could go quite badly".