Dennis Smith Jr. wishes he could face Mavs this season

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The good news is that Porzingis and the Mavericks appear to be on the same page of keeping the Latvian in Dallas, as Porzingis agreed when Cuban said he plans to sign long-term in Dallas.

KP wanted out of NY so badly that Janis threatened to have Porzingis leave the Knicks and continue his rehab in Spain if he wasn't traded by the deadline.

"Our goal is to keep them together for the next 20 years", Cuban said, interjecting himself again.

This goes to show you that the Knicks looked around the league for the best possible deal despite the fact that many people feel like trading Porzingis to Dallas and getting the players and picks they received, was not a good move.

Porzingis was selected in the 2015 NBA Draft, but played overseas for Sevilla in Spain from 2011 until he came to the United States.

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The trade for Porzingis, along with shooting guard Tim Hardaway Jr. So when I hear that possibly Kristaps was not the main reason he's gone but his brother Janis' dislike of the Knicks could be the cause, I get a little upset. The German has a secondary role in what is expected to be his final season.

Dallas has bet big that Porzingis can return to form and be an All-NBA level big man who plays 70+ games a season. "I didn't think when we drafted Dirk [Nowitzki] he was Larry Bird". "He's probably way ahead of the curve... he's way better than I was at 20". He hopes that's the just the beginning of story time with Dirk.

Assuming it is Nowitzki's final season, it won't be long before the focus turns entirely toward a pair of young Europeans who will try to bring a second championship to Dallas.

The New York Knicks are worth US$4 billion, making them the most valuable National Basketball Association team for the fourth straight year, according to Forbes.

While that might be encouraging for Mavericks fans to hear, the time for Cuban to put his money where his mouth is isn't very far away. "In today's world of social media, things go a zillion miles an hour and we're going to blink and it's going to be media day in September 2019 and we'll be ready to go".