Crowds flock to celebrate Chinese Year of the Pig

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The plot follows a Chinese family of three generations that reunites to celebrate the Chinese New Year.

For a week, hundreds of millions of people will visit their families to welcome the Earth Pig year 4717, associated with fertility and prosperity, reports Efe news. This year, the streets are filled with attractive lanterns and bright decorations to mark the holiday. The Pig was also the Zodiac symbol for the years of 1935, 1947, 1959, 1983, 1995 and 2007.

What does the year of the pig mean?

Nevertheless, experts expect Chinese consumers to be more economical in their shopping compared to previous years due to caution over China's ongoing trade war with the United States. Unlike the cheerful palette of red shades saturating the land for Chinese New Year, blue is the most dominant color during their festival-from the sky, sea, and on their camouflaged uniforms.

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The growing popularity of the celebrations was a sign of deepening ties between the two countries, as well as a recognition of historic links. The Chinese New Year concludes with a Lantern Festival, which begins on February 16 and concludes when the New Year ends on the 19th.

The Year of the Pig falls on Tuesday this year. Firecrackers are used to welcome the new year and good luck. The meals typically include a whole chicken, a whole fish, pork, noodles, spring rolls and dumplings, whose shape resembles ancient Chinese gold ingot currency.

Chinese New Year was normally a family affair, and Dunedin's celebrations were a good chance to get together and enjoy the fun, she said. In this tradition, children receive money in red envelopes.

In Hong Kong, flower markets were filled with residents picking out orchids, mandarins and peach blossoms to decorate their homes - with stalls also boasting a dizzying array of pig-themed pillows, tote bags and stuffed toys.