Cory Booker announces run for presidency in 2020

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The New Jersey Democrat sat down for an interview Friday, hours after announcing his candidacy for US president, and McCain said his congressional record and policy proposals were overshadowed in her mind by a moment during the confirmation hearings for Brett Kavanaugh. He has also championed clean energy and combatting climate change.

Mr Booker has always been touted as a rising star of the Democratic Party.

He kicked off his presidential run on the first day of Black History Month in the US. Elizabeth Warren, New York Sen.

"In America we have a common pain but what we're lacking is a common objective", Booker says as the video begins.

When he was elected to Congress Mr Booker's campaign received more donations from the financial sector than any other candidate.

"The history of our nation is defined by collective action, by interwoven destinies of slaves and abolitionists, of those born here and those who chose America as home". Since the end of December, two other prominent Democratic senators, Kirsten Gillibrand of NY and Elizabeth Warren of MA, created presidential exploratory committees, the first step toward launching a run for the White House. Sen.

After graduating from Yale Law School, Booker went to work for a nonprofit that represented tenants against slumlords.

After graduating, he moved to Newark to set up a non-profit organisation providing legal aid to poor families in hard circumstances.

He ran for mayor of the crime-ridden and racially-divided city of around 280,000 in 2002 but lost.

Unlike some of his fellow Democrats in the ever-widening primary field, including his Senate colleague and friend Kirsten Gillibrand, Booker launched his campaign without an exploratory phase. Booker is the second black candidate in the increasingly large and diverse 2020 Democratic primary field. He prowls the stage with a restless energy.

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Booker was reportedly on the short-list of potential vice presidential candidates drawn up by Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton in 2016.

His proximity to NY has made him a prodigious fund-raiser.

Some of his critics within the Democratic Party have accused him of being "bought and paid for" and "aligning with big money".

Many on the left don't trust him, however. His 2012 "Meet the Press" interview when he criticized Barack Obama's attacks on Mitt Romney's private equity experience hasn't been forgotten by the hardcore left. His silver tongue will get quite a workout.

As a senator, Booker has sought to sand off some of his rough political edges ahead of 2020, burnishing his progressive credentials by signing on to policies such as "Medicare-for-all". "What he did when he made a decision to take on an incumbent mayor, I think he's driven more by faith and objective than politics".

He also regularly posts about his vegan diet and his exercise routine on social media.

In the Senate, Booker has at times favored a pragmatic approach, teaming up with like-minded Republicans on issues like criminal justice.

In a recent speech in Iowa, he spoke about gender equality and criticised President Trump's record on women's rights. "Remember he was pretending he was breaking with protocol in this Senate, that he was going to release confidential emails, and I believe it was Senator [John] Cornyn of Texas, reminded him that those had already been released".

Booker hedged when asked by a reporter if he believed Mr. Trump was a racist.

Booker also did not take the express lane to a presidential bid, as Obama did.