Cat survives after being found frozen in snow

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Fluffy's body temperature was so low it did not even register on a thermometer.

The couple had found Fluffy outside, and started to feed her and bring her into the clinic for check ups. This outdoor cat has certainly used up one of her 9 lives!

The clinic shared Fluffy's tale in a Facebook post earlier this week.

The cat is now back home and resting comfortably.

Clark and his associate, Dr. According to Clark, cats' temperatures normally are around 101 degrees. China Corum, used warm water and blankets for around two hours.

After she was revived, Fluffy stayed overnight in the emergency room and was ready to return home on Saturday.

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"She was essentially frozen", said Andrea Dutter, executive director, told CNN. "And finally, we put her in heated kennel".

Her owners plan to keep Fluffy inside for now. "We'll see if Fluffy likes that or Fluffy doesn't like that", he said. "The one thing we can keep saying is that Fluffy is wonderful!"

He also said the owners hadn't done anything wrong and it was likely Fluffy got injured in some way that caused it to get stuck in that position.

I'm not sure if this was Fluffy's attempt at being cast in the adaptation of Stephen King's animal horror, Pet Sematary, but if anything it's a ideal example of why we should be taking care of our pets, and other wildlife, during periods of extreme weather.

Fluffy immediately after her thaw.

"These crabby cats are survivors", said Dr. Jevon Clark, who owns the clinic.