Trump plans prime-time address, border visit as shutdown fight continues

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The GOP senator said Sunday that Congress could "reopen much of the government" while talks continue over building President Donald Trump's promised border wall with Mexico.

Trump has demanded Congress appropriate money for the wall, and his dispute with Democrats over the issue pushed the government into an ongoing partial shutdown.

President Donald Trump says he plans to call the heads of U.S. Steel and other steel companies to come up with a new design for the barrier he's insisting must be built along the southern border.

"It is not a sign of weakness to try to figure out a middle ground, and I think that both sides need to indicate a willingness to listen and to compromise", US Senator Susan Collins of Maine said on NBC. "Democrats need to start negotiating", Pence urged. And Trump has threatened to drag on the shutdown for months or even years if he does not get funding for the border wall.

Democratic lawmakers are refusing to negotiate with the White House over funding for a proposed wall along the USA southern border unless the government is reopened, Vice President Mike Pence told reporters Monday in a briefing at his ceremonial office.

White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders tweeted the president's travel plans on Monday. They "don't like concrete, so we'll give them steel, " he has said.

Former White House communications director Joe Lockhart on Twitter advised TV networks to "demand to see the text in advance and if it is not truthful either don't air it or fact check it live on lower third".

All the while, about 800,000 federal workers remained without pay, either at home or on the job, and key government services faced increasing strain and closure. He wrongly claimed that he'd never called for the wall to be concrete.

"The Army Corps of Engineers is dialed in on doing this cost effectively and with the right amount of urgency as to where we can build additional stand-up walls quickly and then get after the threat", Shanahan said.

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Democrats returned to Washington in the new year, taking control of the U.S. House of Representatives, and passed legislation to reopen all closed government agencies but did not include wall funding.

One prominent House Democrat, Adam Schiff, immediately rejected the talk of a national emergency. The source said Democrats reiterated that an agreement would take too long and that they should enact some appropriations bills this week, adding that there was no real discussion about a dollar amount they could agree to.

Mr. Trump has visited the border in the past.

A US Border Patrol agent works on the beach preventing migrants from entering San Diego, as seen from Tijuana, Mexico.

The congressman also said that if Democrats give into Trump's demand, it would incentivize the President to attempt further shutdowns in order to extract concessions.

'I've always thought that the debate over what the physical barrier should be constructed of was rather freakish, ' she said on NBC's 'Meet the Press.' 'We do need to strengthen our border security.

House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer said any offer from the president would be discussed. We have criminals coming in.

Trump asserted that he could relate to the plight of the hundreds of thousands of federal workers who aren't getting paid, though he acknowledged they will have to "make adjustments" to deal with the shutdown shortfall.