This tweet by Huawei got two of its employees demoted: Here’s why

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The blunder occurred when outsourced social media handler Sapient experienced "VPN problems" with a desktop computer and therefore used an iPhone with a roaming SIM card in order to send the message on time at midnight, Huawei said in the memo. Huawei is in a stiff competition with Apple and that can be clearly seen from Huawei's P-series smartphones at loggerheads for market sales with Apple's iPhone.

Huawei in December said it expects to see a 21 percent rise in revenue for 2018 despite some of its telecommunications equipment being banned in several countries due to security concerns. The blunder was first discovered by YouTuber Marques Brownlee on Twitter, which quickly went viral on social media. However, despite the calls for a boycott, it appears Huawei has forgotten to instruct its public relations representatives about it because they were caught using an iPhone. Washington is also reportedly encouraging US allies to stop using the Chinese company's phones and network equipment.

Two Huawei employees are said to have been demoted after an official tweet was, embarrassingly, sent from an iPhone.

But the memo also reportedly indicated that Huawei had demoted and cut the pay by 5,000 yuan ($US728.27) of two employees held responsible.

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That wasn't even Samsung's biggest issue as of late, with tweeting from an iPhone. If you are wondering what can be wrong with a simple tweet that reads "Happy #2019", we should tell you that it was tweeted from an iPhone. However, this did not stop Huawei from working with Galdot on future product releases, like the P20 the following year.

Although this is not such a grave mistake, it still is an embarrassing situation, especially considering the alleged iPhone boycott. The account was later brought back by Samsung but all the tweets made from a different phone were deleted.

This is likely not the end of brands or ambassadors using a competing device to write tweets and use when not promoting a device for the company it works for.