Ditch Brexit, German leaders urge United Kingdom in emotional plea

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"We want to give an impulse to European unity", Merkel said.

The prime minister is in a bind.

Mr Johnson said the "unprecedented" 230-vote defeat of the Withdrawal Agreement on Tuesday had given Mrs May a "mandate" to go back to Brussels and say that the United Kingdom does not accept the backstop.

He said the Prime Minister's Withdrawal Agreement was the only option on the table that "truly enacts the promises that I made to my constituents and avoids the horror of a no-deal Brexit".

He concluded his letter with pitching Labour's alternative plan for Brexit, including a single market deal and a UK-EU customs union - something May has repeatedly ruled out.

He said that to get a deal that could get the backing of MPs, Mrs May had to "ditch the red lines and get serious about proposals for the future". MPs will then have a chance to submit amendments before a full debate on January 29 - exactly two months before Brexit date. He added: "The government needs to decide if they want a Norway-style solution, which would be a softer Brexit, or a Canada-style free trade agreement".

Ms Cooper, chairwoman of the Commons home affairs committee, said: "The most important thing now is that the Government actually listens and it doesn't just think that a defeat that was that huge can simply be dismissed".

"We have become an worldwide laughing stock: anxious, angry, uncertain, divided", opposition Labour Party lawmaker Chris Bryant said during Tuesday's European Union debate, lamenting that politicians had "squandered two years" arguing about Brexit.

"She can go back to Brussels, and she should go back to Brussels and say that the British House of Commons doesn't accept the democratic consequences of the arrangement you have imposed in the form of the backstop", he said.

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"It's clear that her European Union deal is now finished".

The German Chancellor said her country may need to make compromises on strict export controls. Germans "have not forgotten and we are grateful", they wrote.

But Labour's former prime minister Tony Blair said Mr Corbyn was wrong to snub the talks, telling BBC Radio 4's Today: "If, in a moment of national crisis, the Prime Minister asks the Leader of the Opposition to come and talk, of course he should".

But more than a third of the Conservatives and all 10 DUP members of parliament voted against her Brexit arrangements on Tuesday - each for their own reason.

With 10 weeks before a March 29 date for the exit and a no-deal divorce ever more in view, Merkel said the turmoil showed how hard the exit process had become.

Well, it is nice to feel wanted but I am afraid to say they are wasted words.

There are 70 days left for Brexit but less than 40 sitting days of Parliament.

Speculation has grown that May's government may seek an extension of the Brexit process under Article 50 of the European Union treaty. "The campaign will be even more bitter and vicious than the last; the culture war that has enveloped the country will get worse; millions of leave voters will be angered and even more disillusioned than before; and under a slogan of 'tell them again, ' leave may well win once more".