Congress, Trump reach temporary deal to end government shutdown, report says

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President Donald Trump is set to make announcement Friday that he reached a deal with congressional leaders to fund the government for three weeks, which will end the longest United States government shutdown ever, CNBC reports.

President Trump announced Friday afternoon that he will sign a stop-gap spending bill to fund the government through February 15, ending the longest government shutdown in history, which has left some 800,000 federal workers without paychecks. Senators from both sides floated a plan to reopen agencies for three weeks and pay hundreds of thousands of beleaguered federal workers while bargainers hunt for a deal.

The longest such shutdown in USA history has left 800,000 federal workers as well as private contractors without pay and struggling to make ends meet, with the effects on government services and the economy reverberating nationwide.

Trump triggered the shutdown, which began on December 22, when he demanded the $5.7 billion in money for a wall along the U.S.

Trump and the Democrats in Congress remained at odds over his demand that any compromise include money for his coveted border wall.

The deal agreed today leaves discussions over Mr Trump's wall funding demands for later talks.

Democrats and other critics doubt or deny the country even needs such a barrier, accusing Trump of twisting facts and figures to overstate the scope of any problem along the country's southern border. The poll found that more than one in five Americans say they have been personally inconvenienced by the shutdown.

Pressure to end the shutdown increased on Friday after air traffic was delayed at two New York-area airports - LaGuardia and Newark - in addition to Philadelphia International Airport due to staffing issues at a Federal Aviation Administration regional air traffic control center.

In the first serious exchange in weeks, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell quickly called Minority Leader Chuck Schumer to his office to explore solving the stalemate.

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Sen. Debbie Stabenow of MI, a member of Senate Democratic leadership, said giving in to Trump would mean that the White House would use a shutdown to get whatever it wanted next time.

When asked by reporters about Trump's proposal for a large "prorated down payment", Pelosi responded, "That is not a reasonable agreement".

Trump's decision to agree to a short-term measure that funds the government through February 15 came as opinion polls showed his job approval rating falling to some of the lowest levels of his tenure - and as some Democrats begin to mount candidacies to challenge his re-election.

The GOP-run Senate voted Thursday on two plans.

Of the 26,000 employees recalled, about 12,000 have come to work, the IRS officials said. The Democratic-led House was expected to approve it on Friday as well. That was eight votes short. The shutdown in its 35th day.

U.S. Senator Cory Gardner intends to vote for the bill, the Denver Post said, citing the lawmaker's spokesman.

Until recently, most of the blame was being rightfully put on President Donald Trump, but the GOP's refusal to even send a bill up to him - even if they know he will veto it - has now made them complicit.

Trump has also gone back and forth on the construction of the wall, variously steel slats or concrete, and how he would fulfill his campaign promise that Mexico would pay for it. Overcoming a veto would require two-thirds majorities in the House and Senate, and votes so far have shown support well below that amount.