Trump to visit Turkey in 2019 upon Erdogan’s invitation

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US President Donald Trump's decision to withdraw 2,000 US troops from northern Syria has dismayed many of Washington's allies, and critics say Turkey will look to benefit in its fight against US-backed Kurdish forces inside Syria.

"The execute order for Syria has been signed", a USA military spokesperson said when asked about the withdrawal order, without providing further details.

The attacks also eliminated "several hundred" ISIS fighters.

"As part of the global coalition to defeat ISIS, we would like to express again that we will not allow such a thing to happen on Syrian soil, Iraqi soil or Turkish soil", Kalin told a news conference. In recent weeks Turkey said the USA was dragging its feet in implementing the deal and vowed to launch a new offensive against the Kurds.

The invitation follows Trump's sudden decision last week during a phone conversation between the Turkish and USA leaders to withdraw all 2,000 American troops from Syria.

ISIS has lost all of the territories it once held in Iraq and only remained in control of only one percent of the territory it once held in Syria, according to a November report by the Department of Defense.

Despite his outbursts, American officials sought to reassure allies that the U.S. was in Syria to stay.

Mr Trump, who speaks often about his support for the American military, had faced criticism for not having visited USA troops stationed in combat zones as he nears his two-year mark in office.

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USA forces are still in Manbij and the Turkish-backed fighters will not advance until they withdraw, Hamoud told Reuters. The pocket is home to about 15,000 people, among them 2,000 IS fighters, according to USA military estimates. It's unclear if the United States will continue its air support in the future.

The U.S. -led coalition in Syria conducted air strikes last week that destroyed facilities used by Islamic State, the coalition said on Tuesday, less than a week after President Donald Trump declared victory over the militant group and said he would withdraw U.S. troops from the war-torn country.

"If what the president wants, and I believe he does, is to see a regime change in Iran, doing what he is doing in Syria is not going to help that".

U.S. troops will leave under the watch of a new Pentagon chief next month, after Mr James Mattis resigned from the post citing key differences, including on Syria, with the often-impulsive Mr Trump. The Turkish government gave lip service to fighting ISIL, but when the U.S. gave Ankara the Identify Friend or Foe (IFF) code that let Turkey fly in US-controlled airspace so they could hit ISIL, they instead mainly bombed the Kurds.

However, Nicholas A. Heras, a Middle East security analyst at the Center for a New American Security, says that despite what President Trump thinks, Turkey is in no position to assume complete responsibility for northern and eastern Syria and does not a large enough force to manage an area of that size.

"We will continue to act against Iran's attempt to establish a military presence in Syria, and if the need arises, we will even expand our activities there".

At the same time, the Russian military on december 26 criticized the alleged Israeli airstrike, saying that it had endangered civilian flights and describing it as "provocative".

It is imperative that we launch effective common vulnerabilities and exposures (CVE), psychological operations and ideological warfare immediately before, during, and after the pulling out of troops.