Google exec explains why searching idiot brings up images of Donald Trump

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Pichai reiterated Google's position that it has no plans "right now" to re-enter China with a search engine generating censored results to comply with the demands of that country's Communist government. "I've got an iPhone", Mr. Poe said, waving his device.

Jordan used his time to seek answers about leaked emails that revealed in September that Google had engaged in efforts to increase Latino voter turnout in 2016, which Multicultural Marketing department chief Eliana Murillo admitted were essentially a "silent donation" in hopes the voters would back Democrat Hillary Clinton. Pichai refused to give a clear answer.

Committee chairman Bob Goodlatte said it would be "sinister" for Google to manipulate its search engine because of its vast ability to control information people see online.

He added that certain factors such as "relevance, freshness, popularity, how other people are using it" determine how items are ranked so that that rank is able to show the best results for the Google search. Google disputes those findings and is still appealing the decision reached in 2017. The prevailing consensus so far is that the alleged bias most frequently falls on the left-leaning side of most debates, although that pendulum could swing now that Democrats will be the majority party in the House.

In April, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg also faced lawmakers' questions, although on that occasion they focused on the scandal involving Cambridge Analytica, a political consulting firm that gained unauthorized access to 87 million Facebook user accounts.

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"The First Amendment limits what the government can do on regulating speech, it does not limit Google", Lieu said.

He said: "We provide search today for - anytime you type in a keyword, we as Google, we have gone out and crawled and stored copies of billions of webpages in our index". If that changes, Pichai promised to be "fully transparent" about the move.

Republican congresswoman Zoe Lofgren posed the question during a grilling of the Google executive by the House judiciary committee.

In recent months, the committee headed by Republican Sen.

That has raised the specter that Mr. Trump and Congress might turn up the heat on antitrust regulators to get them to investigate whether consumers and the economy as a whole need to be protected from those companies. The premise would be that they have become modern-day trusts similar to what John Rockefeller built through Standard Oil, before the U.S. Supreme Court required it to be dismantled in a 1911 decision that reshaped the business landscape.