Homeland Security: We Are Prepared to 'Shut Down' Ports of Entry

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A job fair matching migrants with openings in Baja California saw a growing number of inquiries.

Trump also told the news outlet that the suggested $5 billion would pay for the physical barrier alone, and that additional funding would be needed for other border security measures. But as the president has repeatedly said, they have to do it the legal way.

Schumer said Democrats support strong border security and believe that $1.6 billion for border security, including physical barriers and technology along the USA southern border, "is the right way to go".

The events made Mina rethink his family's plan of making it to the US.

There "you can earn money and live well" if you're willing to work, he said. Hundreds sleep on sidewalks outside the Benito Juarez sports stadium.

"Here's the bottom line: The notion that a caravan of migrants can be allowed to break through our borders is ludicrous and unsafe".

On the weekend, frustration led to a protest and when some in the group rushed the border fence, U.S. authorities responded.

US Customs and Border Protection, which polices the border, said its personnel had been assaulted and hit by stones.

While Mexico is still the country of origin for about half the unauthorized immigrants in the United States, their number in that total population fell by 1.5 million between 2007 and 2016, the Pew report found. Thousands of Mexicans who made it the US returned to their native country this century, motivated by factors like family reunification and improved job prospects in some sectors of the Mexican economy.

The fate of the thousands of migrants stranded on the border remains unknown, but the extreme rhetoric invoking the Holocaust, child-kidnappers and invasions is nearly certain to persist.

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Trump's push for only a fifth of border wall funding comes as Democrats are set to take the majority in the House in the new year and as illegal immigration soars at the U.S. -Mexico border with a caravan of 7,000 to 10,000 Central Americans arriving. Meza fell and struggled to get up amidst the gas.

Trump defended the use of tear gas on children - claiming it was "very safe", a "very minor form" of irritant. Trump wants $5 billion for the wall and said it would be a "good time" for a government shutdown if he didn't get what he was asking for.

"Because of the words that President Donald Trump has said, I think this is impossible".

The woman and her children were found in an area that Border Patrol described as "an active construction site".

The mayor of Tijuana said he has mixed emotions over what happened on Sunday. "We have rejected this", he told Mexican network Televisa. A handful from the group threw rocks over a border fence at Border Patrol agents, who fired CS gas at the group. Authorities in Tijuana say the migrant caravan is costing their city government more than $35,000 per day, and that they may have to raise taxes on Tijuana citizens if the migrant caravan doesn't move on.

Mexico's Interior Ministry said Monday that 98 migrants would be deported following the incident.

Tyler Q. Houlton, spokesman for Homeland Security pushed back on accusations that Border Patrol agents targeted women and children with the tear gas, but said people who join a violent mob trying to break through the border are going to see "unintended consequences".

A group of United Nations officials advised the United States that rhetoric surrounding the migrant caravan "has detrimental effects on the right to mental health not only of migrants" and also on "the general public".

What do people at the border say?

He heard about it from others and chose to leave "to avoiding getting beaten".

The Mexican government is also keeping offers of temporary amnesty and temporary work visas open for those who are disillusioned with the caravan's goals but feel they can not return to war- and drug-ravaged Central America.