Google: This Awesome New Feature Will Increase Battery Life On Android Devices

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Dark Mode helps power conservation in devices with OLED screens as the pixels are completely turned off unlike LCDs where power is required to display both white and dark shades.

As Google presenter Chris Banes noted, the screen itself is one of the biggest drains on battery, so the company has been looking at ways developers could minimize the screen's power usage.

Google's Android Dev Summit has been going on since Wednesday morning and was the site for Google's acknowledgement that foldable displays are coming and that Android will support them.

Meanwhile, Google also announced that in the short time that the app formerly known as Files Go has been available, it is already being used by more than 30 million monthly users around the globe. But when compared in Dark mode the power consumption of Pixel drops by 63 percent to 92mAh. LCD displays, on the other hand, have a backlight that's always shining, even when displaying the colour black.

Since the inception of Google's "Material Design" initiative, the company had been pushing for the use of colour white, thus, encouraging designers to use white as their primary colour for all apps and interfaces.

Google also rolled out Instant discovery that allows to easily adopt the new kind of apps. More recently, Google has also started to take a friendly approach to dark themes.

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Android originally had a dark Holo theme UI but then Material Design came along and Google white-themed all the things.

What's interesting is the comparison between the original Pixel, which uses an OLED screen, and the LCD-sporting iPhone 7. "We've noticed that people across the globe are using it, no matter what type of mobile phone they have or how fast their internet connection is".

With this realisation, Google will likely bring Dark Mode to Android apps in the future, SlashGear reported.

Additionally, developers can now full-screen messages asking the user to update the app immediately, unless they're prevented by a metered connection or the battery is too low.

Axing the word "Go", this app is now called Files by Google. Well, hearing this report is a good news for most of us.