PRESIDENT TRUMP: I Have NO PLANS to Fire Rod Rosenstein

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Trump also blasted a deal Chicago reached with the American Civil Liberties Union to curb stop-and-frisk procedures.

Chicago police said last week that there have been 102 fewer homicides and almost 500 fewer shooting victims in the city this year, compared to the first nine months of 2017. "But there is only so much the police can do", he said at a press conference in August.

In other places around the country, stop-and-frisk is known as the "Terry" stop after the 1968 Terry v. OH case.

Rosenstein said the report was "inaccurate".

Chicago-based ACLU official Karen Sheley says Trump has encouraged strong-arm tactics by police and the "solutions to violence in Chicago are not going to come from Donald Trump".

As the plan was taking shape, Rosenstein went to the White House expecting he would be fired but wound up staying in his job.

Chicago mayor Rahm Emmanuel is a staunch critic of Trump, and Chicago's crime problem is a frequent focus of Fox News and the president. The number of slayings still exceeds numbers in Los Angeles and NY combined. If the president is saying we should have unfettered, unsupervised stop-and-frisk - the subject of study and criticism pre-2015 - then that's a different thing. "I will send in the Feds!"

The criminal aliens to whom Trump referred include, as he said, "thousands of vicious gang members" and "MS 13 predators".

"The FOP has argued that these measures will make policing even more hard in Chicago, burdening officers with endless bureaucracy, paper work and ambiguous policies that ultimately will be used to arbitrarily discipline officers", the blog post states.

At a news conference two days later, Trump declared: "My preference would be to keep him and to let him finish up".

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"Politicians who spread this unsafe, anti-police sentiment make life easier for criminals and more risky for law-abiding citizens".

Just weeks before the midterm elections, Trump accused Democrats of being soft on crime.

Trump called out Democrats' failure to support local law enforcement by blocking funding requests.

It is created to teach law enforcement when to shoot and when not too.

"We look at crime every day, every hour, and we readjust, readjust, readjust".

Rosenstein and Trump delayed a planned September 27 one-on-one meeting until Monday to allow Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh's contentious confirmation process to play out.

"When a police officer is assaulted or killed, it's a wound inflicted upon our entire nation", Trump said.

Trump's speech to the gathering of police chiefs comes on the heels of a new Federal Bureau of Investigation report that the number of homicides and other violent crimes dipped slightly in the United States last year, suggesting the rise of violent crimes in recent years may be ending.

Trump also heralded recent declines in unemployment as a positive step toward lower crime rates.