Nicki Minaj Corrects Steve Madden After He Says She's Lying

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Cardi hit back by posting an epic series of non-stop, back-to-back, progressively louder videos in which blasted Nicki as a liar and called her out for acting tough despite standing back during their brawl.

Hennessy Carolina believes Nicki has encouraged her fans to send the 26-year-old a number of threatening messages - a claim Minaj has denied.

Cardi is like most loving mothers, adding that she wants to be the one to calm her baby down when she's crying or needs to eat. Answer: They've both got beef with Nicki Minaj.

Nicki Minaj gets on the latest episode of her QueenRadio show t bark on Cardi B about what REALLY happened during the confrontation with Cardi at a 2018 New York Fashion Week event last month. First Nicki and Cardi, next world peace.

'Let's talk about the leaked numbers s***!' she said.

"I read that babies forget people so quick; I don't want her to forget me".

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"You go on your Twitter and you start liking s-t like endorsing that type of nasty a- f-king behavior. I don't want her thinking that somebody else is her mom; I want her to love me as her mom", she told People en Espanol.

In the tenth episode of her wildly popular Queen Radio, Nicki stressed in being exhausted of always having to defend her name over false rumors spread by Cardi.

"We can talk about it or we can fight it out".

'I'm not doing it - I'm in a good space right now - let me know what's up'.

Not only that, but Nicki said that video evidence backed up her claims in regards to the brouhaha in the Big Apple - and she offered to pay $100,000 for someone to come forward with the footage. "I said no", she tweeted. Yesterday, Cardi said that she turned down a Diesel deal, which eventually went to Nicki - basically insinuating that Minaj got her sloppy seconds.

'The punches was so hard in your head, I was like mad at Rah ... but Rah didn't like her attitude, the way she came at me.