Microsoft Releases Windows 10 October 2018 Update

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It might not be the most feature-rich app on Windows 10, but the Your Phone app will prove incredibly useful for those of us who are constantly bouncing between our phones and our computers.

The new Your Phone app for Windows 10 allows you to easily access your Android device's photos and texts from your computer.

That's not all for Windows-related gaming fun times, either, as Microsoft are also taking the opportunity to introduce a new-look Game Bar as well (which, if you've got it turned on, lets you record clips, screenshots and broadcast your game using Microsoft's various gaming tools). Microsoft says it will make the update available to PCs when they are ready for it. The headlining features: The ability for Android phone owners to send and receive texts straight from their PC.

Apart from the new line of Surface products on display, Microsoft has announced an update to the Microsoft Launcher for Android with new features and support for Timeline.

Microsoft started rolling out its Windows 10 October 2018 Update on Tuesday, the company said. It used to be a weird guessing game with previous versions, but hopefully the new feature should give you a better idea of what apps to kill or get rid of entirely if they're misbehaving.

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Whatever you do, don't click the Confirm button to go ahead with the installation of the Windows update - because it will fail. You can still add custom widgets to it, and reorganise what shows up where. You can see this video shared by Microsoft to get some tips for the Windows 10 October 2018 Update. That will prevent Windows Update driver installs and restart notifications while you're playing, at last giving you an interruption-free experience.

I'll be running some Windows 10 October 2018 and Windows Server 2019 tests against Linux (and maybe BSDs) soon.

This is just the beginning for Your Phone and Android and richer integration is expected in future updates. You can do this by searching for and launching the "Check for updates" section of System Settings from the Search box. Finally, Microsoft-owned Swiftkey is available in the touch keyboard.

Microsoft have also made their Windows 10 Game Mode easier to use as well, which should hopefully result in fewer interruptions when you're mid-game. I've had this app tell me I'm on "the latest version" even when I'm not. If you want to snap a screenshot, all you have to do is press the Windows key + Shift + S, and a snipping toolbar will appear.