China, Russia listening to Trump’s cell phone calls

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Citing several current and former White House officials, the article said that USA intelligence agencies have assessed that China and Russian Federation are independently eavesdropping on Mr. Trump's cellphone calls.

Despite being warned that his cell phone calls are not secure, President Trump refuses to stop making certain calls from his iPhone - according to a New York Times report on Wednesday. She dismissed the report as another example of "fake news".

The NYT doesn't describe the eavesdropping in much detail other than to say "the calls made from the phones are intercepted as they travel through cell towers, cables, and switches that make up national and global cell phone networks".

Amusingly the Chinese authorities have said that Trump should not mess around with overpriced and insecure Apple gear and should be using something more secure like a Huawei.

Her Chinese counterpart Hua Chunying too dismissed the United States report and used the opportunity to promote a Chinese electronic manufacturer, while apparently mocking Trump's "America first" policy.

Chinese foreign ministry spokeswoman Hua Chunying was asked about the story during a press conference on Thursday.

Instead, he's using three iPhones, two of which have been locked down and made "secure" by the National Security Agency, while the third is your regular stock device, which apparently the president's using because it's the only one that will allow him to keep a contact list.

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China's aim in listening in is to determine what he will do next.

Predictably, everyone is denying any of this is true, with Trump taking to Twitter to claim that the article is "long and boring".

This report comes after the bombshell New York Times story that Trump's unsecured cell phone calls have provided an information goldmine for foreign state intelligence services affiliated with Russian Federation and China. I only use Government Phones, and have only one seldom used government cellphone.

Meanwhile, previously reported that US President Donald Trump urged the Spanish government to tackle the Mediterranean migration crisis by building a wall across the Sahara desert.

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Hua's comments come after Verizon and AT&T dropped plans to sell a new Huawei handset amidst reported pressure from U.S. government officials.