As Clock Ticks on Brexit, May’s Nemesis Closes In

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Says that no one wants a good Brexit deal more than me.

"We've had our arguments, but now is the time to put them behind us, now is the time to come together, because this is a moment for the optimists", he said.

While many party members adore Mr. Johnson's witty speeches and his stand on Brexit, others find him too unpredictable to be Prime Minister.

"If we cheat the electorate - and Chequers is a cheat - we will escalate the sense of mistrust".

In what may be seen as a swipe at Mrs May's focus on righting "burning injustices" in society, he will urge the party not to "ape Corbyn" but to "take basic conservative ideas and fit them to the problems of today".

"We will give credence to those who cry betrayal, and I am afraid we will make it more likely that the ultimate beneficiary of the Chequers deal will be the far right in the form of UKIP".

"We will not trample on our project to rescue a party that is deeply divided and apparently not capable, of course, a common line to exit the mess of Brexit". Calling her strategy desperately wrong and humiliating for the country, Mr. Johnson told the crowd: "This is not pragmatic, it is not a compromise".

Satirist Kaya Marr holds a painting mocking MP Boris Johnson outside the conference in Birmingham on Tuesday.

We have to make the arguments for free markets, for open economies, and we have to recognise in doing that, that for some people as I said on the steps of Downing Street back when I first became Prime Minister, they do feel that things haven't been working for everyone in the way that they should.

Speaking to BBC Radio from the Conservative Party annual conference, May was asked how long she expected to remain in charge of the country and her party.

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"Now is a time for a credible and serious plan, and credible and serious leadership".

In his letter to Brady, Duddridge said that he is normally a loyalist, and has never voted against the government until now.

"Am I disappointed [that he didn't declare]?"

And after a day in which Boris Johnson stole the show at the conference with his "Chuck Chequers" onslaught, the Prime Minister will attempt to re-assert her authority. "No, because I think we probably can't have the self-indulgence of a leadership challenge".

And he contrasted the "real excitement" at Mr Johnson's fringe speech with the "empty" main conference hall.

May's public battle with Johnson comes only two weeks before she must return to Brussels in a bid to break the Brexit deadlock and reach a deal.

Ross Thomson, however, is a member of the hard-Brexit backing European Research Group, and is a loyal follower of Mr Johnson, being pictured yesterday physically shielding the former London Mayor from journalists.

Naming Margaret Thatcher, the prime minister from 1979 to 1990 who remains a hero to many in the party, he called on Conservatives to build more houses and, while courting business, he struck out at bankers over the 2008 financial crisis.

"Chequers has failed, it's not realistic, it doesn't deliver on the Brexit my constituents vote for".