Judge orders U.S. couple to hand crowdfunding money over to homeless veteran

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According to the New York Post, Katie McClure and her boyfriend, Mark D'Amico, had to give all the funds to their lawyer - after they had raised the money through a GoFundMe campaign for Johnny Bobbitt, according to Philadelphia's NBC10.

The moving story went viral on social media, where more than 14,000 users eventually contributed around $400,000 to the GoFundMe page set up on his behalf.

In addition, McClure and D'Amico let Bobbitt live with them for several months, during which time he invited his brother, who allegedly is also addicted to drugs, and "half a dozen homeless people" to stay there with him two when the couple was not at home, Badway said.

McClure had run out of gas on Interstate 95 in Philadelphia - and Bobbitt walked to a service station and spent $20 of his own money to buy her gas.

Mr Bobbitt has now sued the couple, and a New Jersey judge has ordered that all of the remaining money be moved from the couple's account within 24-hours so a thorough accounting of what's been spent can take place by September 10. "He didn't have any ability to take care of himself there".

Bobbitt recently filed a lawsuit against them, claiming the couple was mismanaging the funds.

They also claim to have paid for a hotel room for him while he waited on the van, an SUV, TV, laptop, two cellphones, a $25,000 (£19,232.50) cash lump sum and GoFundMe's $30,000 (£23,079) fee. The lawsuit aims to retrieve funds owed to Bobbitts, who is now back living on the streets and begging for cash.

"He's homeless and penniless", Promislo said about Bobbitt.

"From what I can see, the GoFundMe account raised $402,000 and GoFundMe charged a fee of approximately $30,000", Bobbitt's lawyer Chris Fallon told CNN on August 25.

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But the relationship between Bobbitt and the couple has since soured. They told host Megyn Kelly they stopped giving Bobbitts money because he would spend it on drugs. "It's going to come down to a demonstration of all the money and where the money went".

Fallon told the judge that Bobbitt has received about $75,000 from the GoFundMe account, KYW reported.

In April, six months after his fateful meeting with McClure, Bobbitt told the Inquirer that he had been clean for three weeks and jobless for much longer.

Ms McClure, an admin assistant, and her carpenter boyfriend, say that they were anxious the homeless man would spend the money on drugs.

Bobbitt's attorneys are working with him pro bono, at least on a "short term", Fallon said.

The couple also bought Bobbitt a camper with some of the funds and parked it on land McClure's family owns in Florence.

But Mr Bobbitt became homeless again after Mr D'Amico told him in June that he had to leave the property, for an undisclosed reason.

Dow has ordered a couple to turn over the GoFundMe money raised for a homeless veteran.