Microsoft Introduces Xbox All Access Subscription

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The newest offer, Xbox All Access, includes hardware, software, and services for a single monthly payment.

Video game consoles are ridiculously expensive. Ukraine is not one of them, because officially, the Xbox and Xbox Live in our country is not supported.

Now that Xbox All Access has been pretty much confirmed, what do you think about it?

The gist of the new subscription service would allow gamers to pay for an Xbox One S or Xbox One X as well as Xbox Live Gold and Xbox Game Pass over a period of two years. After the two years, the console is paid for and owned outright. It reminds us of how you'd buy a smartphone - no upfront cost and one monthly price over two years. Still, the fact that Microsoft is making gaming affordable for those who don't have the funds is notable. Even used PlayStation 4 consoles cost over $200 a pop, and Nintendo's Switch starts at $300. Personally, I'd like to see Microsoft finance packages that only include a console and a subscription to Xbox Live Gold, as Xbox Game Pass adds a significant amount to the overall cost of these bundles. You can also cancel the plan at any time, at which point you'll simply have to pay the remaining price of the hardware.

It's definitely an interesting concept, however, if Microsoft is offering PC bundles too, is there really any need to get an Xbox One, especially considering exclusive titles are also now being available on Xbox Play Anywhere.

"One of the fantastic things about Game Pass", he concludes, "is that it can support different kinds of content".

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On the face of it, $35 a month for a complete Xbox setup with access to hundreds of games sounds like a good deal.

Microsoft has continued to up the ante with a "players first" approach the past few years.

There are constraints in the subscription plan, however: It's available only in the USA, you have to go to a physical Microsoft store to sign up (and there isn't one in every state) and sign-ups will end after an unspecified "limited time".

According to Microsoft, the offer is only available for a limited time "while supplies last".

That makes a lot of sense given Microsoft's ongoing push with Xbox - the company has been moving away from the traditional game console model, and it looks like the future of Xbox may be in software over consoles.

Xbox Live Gold is Microsoft's online services platform, which is required for multiplayer in games. "Many of those people don't own a television, many have never owned a PC". It's similar to the way most mobile carriers sell phones now.