Donald Trump thanks Kim Jong Un for keeping word on war remains

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The boxes are believed to hold the remains of servicemen from the USA and other United Nations member countries who fought to support South Korea during the war.

Taking the lead is the Defense Prisoner of War, Missing in Action Accounting Agency, based out of Hickam Air Force Base in Hawaii, which announced Tuesday it is ready to start the work of identifying the remains. They believe North Korea is building at least one of its Hwasong-15 missiles there.

"We are investigating a multiple number of companies for importing North Korean coal", a spokesman for the Korea Customs Service said, adding that the firms were South Korean. "They have missing, France has missing, Americans have".

Mr. Trump thanked North Korean leader Kim Jong Un for the return of the fallen soldiers last week.

The remains had been transferred from the small boxes they arrived in on Friday into full-sized caskets, draped with United Nations flags.

The Pentagon said last week it was considering the possibility of sending personnel to North Korea to search for additional remains.

"I know that President Trump is grateful that Chairman Kim has kept his word, and we see today as tangible progress in our efforts to achieve peace on the Korean peninsula", Pence said Wednesday. "But today is just a beginning". "Our work will not be complete until all of our fallen heroes are accounted for and home". However, there is an uncertainty regarding the remains being truly American as sixteen other United Nations member countries fought alongside the U.S. during the war.

According to the USA official who spoke to Reuters, one photo showed a truck and covered trailer similar to those the North has used to move its ICBMs.

The agency usually also relies on any items that may have been found with remains like uniforms, dog tags, and wedding rings to identify remains. North Korea has nearly certainly not sent back anything close to 200 bodies.

The returned material also included military hardware and uniforms, including helmets, water bottles and boots, he said.

About 7,700 US soldiers are listed as missing from the 1950-53 Korean War and about 5,300 of the remains are believed to still be in North Korea.

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The meeting also saw officials discussing matters involving relations between North and South Korea, as well as regional issues.

"He always told us that the real heroes of the Korean War were the ones who didn't get to come home", Pence said. "This should hasten identifications quite a bit".

More than 7,700 US troops remain unaccounted for from the Korea War.

"Keep in mind that it's not necessarily the case that" the person identified in the dog tag will be among the remains but they're hopeful, he said.

North Korea handed over the remains last week. In the past, North Korea turned over commingled remains.

In late July, Pyongyang handed over the remains of dozens of United States soldiers who died during in the 1950-1953 Korean War.

Some 7,699 American service members are listed as unaccounted-for from the conflict. Between 1990 and 1994, North Korea returned 208 containers to the USA with remains.

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said last month that the two sides have agreed to recommence field operations in North Korea to search for missing Americans, and the Pentagon said it is considering sending personnel to North Korea for this goal. It has in the past two years quickly advanced its nuclear programme.

The officials say evidence, including satellite photos taken recently, suggests that construction is underway on one or two ICBMs.

"This is a huge step in the right direction that we hope will finally bring peace to the peninsula and closure to American families who have been waiting more than six decades for their loved ones to return home from their war", Veterans of Foreign Wars National Commander Vincent "B.J".