Blizzard: Multiple Diablo Games In Development, Reveal Coming Late 2018

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But we may have some things to show you later this year.

It will be a while before we get to hear about these multiple Diablo games or projects that are in development but rumor has it that Blizzard Entertainment is bringing Diablo 3 to Nintendo Switch.

Former Diablo designer David Brevik once said that he believed a Diablo II remake wouldn't be easy to pull off given that the technology Diablo II is based on requires more than a new coat of paint and that numerous game's original assets are likely lost.

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In a short video, Blizzard community manager Brandy Camel promised Diablo fans that the company isn't ignoring the popular action-adventure franchise. Ultimate barrage, but Blizzard dropped some huge news of their own by way of a quick Twitter video. "Some will take longer than others", Camel explains, and news will apparently be shared later this year; a clear setup for a BlizzCon reveal in November. "Diablo is, and always will be, part of Blizzard's identity, and we can't wait for the future".

It's safe to guess that one of those is the next big Diablo game-that's likely the one that's going to take longer than others-and we're pretty sure that another is a port of Diablo III to Switch. There have been plenty of Diablo 1/2 remaster rumours over the years, but personally, I'm hoping we'll be getting a Diablo 4 at some point in the next few years.

For now, Camel directed current Diablo III players to the game's 14th Season, the "Season of Greed".