55 civilians killed in attacks Thursday on Yemen's Hodeida: Red Cross

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There were also 50 others who were wounded in the airstrikes that hit a fishing port and a popular fish market about five meters away from the main gate of Public al-Thawra Hospital in Hodeidah, said the official in the hospital.

Martin Griffiths says proposed talks in the Swiss city of Geneva will lay groundwork for peace negotiations.

Yesterday at least 52 people died and more than a hundred were injured in an air raid carried out by the Saudi-backed coalition against the port city of Hodeidah, in the western part of the country. "While the exact circumstances around the ground explosions are still unknown, this lack of respect for civilian life and civilian property is reprehensible", said Johannes Bruwer, the head of the ICRC delegation in Yemen.

However, on 26 March 2015, a coalition of countries led by Saudi Arabia intervened militarily at the request of President Abd Rabbuh Mansour Hadi to secure the return of the Government to Sana'a, which had been seized by Houthi militias and allied units of the armed forces.

A source at Hodeidah's health office told Middle East Eye that 55 people were killed in the strikes, with more than 100 wounded.

"The scenes coming from Hudaydah are horrific", the statement said.

Qassemi also noted that the daily bombardment of civilian targets and massacre of innocent and defenceless people of Yemen by Saudi and Emirati warplanes should not normalize the crimes committed by the aggressors in the eyes of public opinion at regional, global and worldwide levels and make them indifferent to the crisis and the plight of the Yemenis.

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Lise Grande, the United Nations humanitarian coordinator for Yemen, said in a statement that hundreds of thousands of people depended on the hospital to survive.

The attack followed accusations by Saudi Arabia that Houthi rebels had attacked a Saudi oil vessel in a shipping lane in the Red Sea last week.

"Every day this week we have seen new cholera cases in Hodeidah, and now this".

Since then, the poor country at the southern edge of the Arabian Peninsula has witnessed the "worst humanitarian crisis" in the world, according to the United Nations; hunger and violence persists, while a cholera outbreak has killed over 2,000.

He said there remained "huge differences" between the government and rebels.

The halt to retaliatory attacks in the Red Sea is aimed at "preserving the Yemeni bloods and in response to the regional and global moves and efforts aiming to bring peace", he noted.

He said the time is long past to resume the political process, and after consulting the internationally recognized government and Houthi Shiite rebels he plans to invite them for consultations in Geneva on September 6, including to discuss a framework for peace negotiations.