Apple Introduces 70 New Emoji

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The red heart emoji was used twice as much on Facebook as past year and over 900-million emojis are sent every day without text on Facebook Messenger.

Finally, Facebook says that it is introducing a number of new features that will "help you show your emoji love", including a camera frame and a themed text background.

iOS 12 will be available later this year as a free update.

For the emoji user underwhelmed by the now available smiling face with hearts for eyes, there will be a new smiling face character with three hearts. Yesterday was World Emoji Day, which was first initiated in 2014. Some are certainly more convincing than others, though whether you'd necessarily recognize every single person from their Memoji if they didn't also have their name and job title printed underneath, we're not so sure. Most Twitter users who post emojis are aged 24 and under and are women.

World Emoji Day 2018 new emojis
Apple unveils new emoji on World Emoji Day - news

To present people better, the latest emoji set offers various hair options including red hair, grey hair, curly and even a clean shaven bald emoji. In fact, they're intended for users to recreate themselves in emoji form. There are some more obtuse new designs too, notably a nazar symbol (to guard against the evil eye) and an infinity symbol.

When is World Emoji Day?

Apple will also continue to build on its collection of animals and food items, with a kangaroo, peacock, parrot and lobster hitting this fall, alongside mango, lettuce, cupcake, and moon cake.

For accessibility advocates, today's news will be tinged with disappointment as the range of disability-focussed emojis proposed in March 2018 were not included in the promo.

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