Uber safety driver was streaming Hulu just before fatal collision

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Police also said that the crash was "deemed entirely avoidable" if Vasquez had been paying attention while the auto was operating autonomously.

Police obtained records from Hulu with a search warrant showing that the streaming to one of the driver's cellphones ended at 9:59 p.m. on March 18, while the crash occurred about 10 p.m.

Uber's self-driving system initially misidentified the 49-year-old victim, Elaine Herzberg, as a vehicle when she was pushing a bike across a dark thoroughfare, according to the National Transportation Safety Board. Instead, the NTSB report highlighted, "the developmental self-driving system relies on an attentive operator to intervene if the system fails to perform appropriately during testing".

Uber has a zero-tolerence policy prohibiting the use of mobile device, even a smartwatch, by its safety drivers, the spokesperson said.

Vasquez had also told police she had her hands "hovering" over the wheel.

The Tempe police report said that during the drive, Vasquez "appears to react and show a smirk or laugh at various points during the times that she is looking down". The report said that she looked down 166 times while the vehicle was in motion, frequently looking in the direction of her right knee. The company now says it will happen sometime this summer, indicating the top-to-bottom safety review and investigation into the Tempe crash is taking longer than expected.

The report found that Vasquez "was distracted and looking down" for close to seven of the almost 22 minutes prior to the collision.

However, the car's automated safety braking system was deactivated by Uber in order to stop potentially erratic behavior. The pictures also show front-end damage to the Uber vehicle.

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Pictures just released from the scene of the crash show Herzberg's bicycle, which she was walking with in the roadway before the crash. She was looking down for 5.2 of the final 5.7 seconds prior to the crash, the report says.

Investigators' tests show that the accident, in March, would have been "entirely avoidable" had Vasquez focused on the road, the report says.

Both Vasquez and Uber could still face civil liability in the case, Uber for potentially negligent hiring, training and supervision, said Bryant Walker Smith, a University of SC law professor who closely follows autonomous vehicles.

Maricopa County prosecutors will make the ultimate decision on whether or not to charge her.

As a result, Arizona suspended Uber's self-driving vehicles from operating within the state: the company also launched an in-depth safety review in order to avoid similar incidents in the future.

A fatal Tesla crash in Florida may have involved the driver watching a Harry Potter movie on a portable DVD player while the car's Autopilot mode was engaged.

The safety driver is responsible for seeing warning messages the vehicle displays and reacting accordingly; the NTSB says the self-driving system spotted an emergency braking maneuver was needed "at 1.3 seconds before impact" but that it had been informed by Uber that its system was "not created to alert the operator" in an emergency braking situation.