President Trump holds 'Make America Great Again' rally in Fargo, ND

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Trump told a rally crowd in Fargo on Wednesday that Cramer loves the state and its people.

Heitkamp told the AP she's curious how Trump will portray her record, which she says has favored many issues the president cares about, like environmental and banking regulations. "Please keep Maxine ... on the air as the mouthpiece of your party".

The president even claimed his presidency is the real cause behind a recent decline in National Football League ratings, noting that no one has the time to watch National Football League "because everybody is watching us on the different cable networks".

"With Washington so divided, Heidi is a rare senator who doesn't get bogged down by partisan politics - she knows both sides of the aisle have good ideas", Libby Schneider, Heitkamp's campaign manager wrote in a statement accompanying the ad, "Heidi brings small-town North Dakota common sense to the Senate, and that's why she's been successful getting real results for the folks she serves".

"You are the people who farm the prairie, tamed the badlands and squeezed oil out of rock", Trump said, speaking directly to the North Dakota citizens who lived under "big lovely skies".

Meanwhile, on Twitter, the North Dakota Democratic-NPL account also took advantage of the moment.

Right now, with Democrats heavily invested in their Heidi-is-pro-Trump narrative, would be the ideal time for Trump himself to descend on the race and rile up the Republican base for Cramer. Most legislation needs 60 votes to get through the Senate, and Democrats have refused to go along with much of what Trump and the Republicans have proposed. She also voted against some of his Cabinet nominees. He cited Heitkamp's votes against tax cuts he signed into law in December, and against the ObamaCare repeal, as well as support for so-called "sanctuary cities". He labeled Heitkamp a "liberal" and tried to tie her to Senate Minority Leader Charles E. Schumer and House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi.

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Trump, campaigning for Republican Rep. Kevin Cramer, who is challenging Democratic Sen.

Mike Murphy, a GOP strategist, said having a Supreme Court retirement and confirmation in a midterm election year will make a "red-hot" election year even hotter - especially because a fifth consistently liberal justice could bring hot-button issues like abortion and gay rights onto the court's docket.

"We must elect more Republicans", Trump said later.

Trump is telling rallygoers in Fargo, North Dakota, that those who have made threats and posted employees' personal information are "radical Democrat protesters" who "want anarchy".

"Heidi will vote "no" on any pick we make", Trump said.

Cramer said he understands the anxiety of North Dakota producers, but believes a lot of them support Trump.

Randy Richards is a farmer in Hope, North Dakota.