She Was Forced to Marry. He Raped Her, So She Killed Him

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A teen bride in Sudan has been sentenced to hang for stabbing the man she was forced to marry - after he raped her while his cousins held her down.

When Hussein returned to her home in Khartoum, Ms Hussein says she refused to consummate the marriage, resisting her husband for the first four days.

Girl's lawyer told reporters that the father Nura persuaded her to return home, but as soon as she returned home, it was immediately handed over to the legal wife.

Rights groups are pushing for her pardon with an activist from the Afrika Youth Movement, Badr Eldin Salah telling Reuters that "Noura's lawyers say they plan to appeal against the decision, but we also need strong worldwide support from organisations such as the African Union, the United Nations and the European Union to support her". As of about 4 p.m. on May 11, more than 136,000 people had signed the petition asking for Noura to be spared from the death penalty.

Noura's husband raped her, with the help of relatives who pinned her down during the act.

Hussein was forced to marry Abdulrahman Hammad at just 16.

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"Noura Hussein's death sentence violates her rights under the Sudanese constitution and global law", Equality Now's letter stated.

After six days she says he recruited some of his cousins who allegedly held her down as he raped her. When he tried to rape her again the following day, she stabbed him to death and escaped to her parents, who handed her to the police. "Marital rape happens in Sudan often and people don't talk about it", he said. SEEMA has been campaigning in support of Hussein. Outside the court, where the case is heard Nura Hussein, gathered hundreds of its supporters.

"The case of Noura is different".

Hussein's case is significant, Afrika Youth Movement wrote, "Not only because she is one of the many women in a similar situation - subjected to patriarchal male violence, blamed and abandoned by community, at the mercy of religious laws, without recourse to justice".

Human rights groups are calling for her conviction to be overturned.

"Noura Hussein's life-long wish was to become a teacher but she ended up being forced to marry an abusive man who raped and brutalised her", Magango added.