Kasich calls on Trump to condemn Roseanne's tweets

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It's been a whirlwind 24 hours for Roseanne Barr, whose hit show "Roseanne" was canceled yesterday by ABC after the star's racist tweet that was directed at Valerie Jarrett, a former President Barack Obama aide.

"It's not a new thing, but it is disheartening that in 2018 we're still talking about people that are using that as the punch, right?" said Kelly Norman Ellis, a professor and department chair at Chicago State University.

After a few tweets that said that Chelsea Clinton was married to a member of George Soros's family (she is not), Barr compared Valerie Jarrett, an African American advisor to the Obama Administration, to Planet of the Apes.

"ABC lost maybe $1 billion from this; this show was grinding out money hand over fist and they lost it all because somebody didn't say, 'Get that phone out of her hand, '" Arnold tells THR. Barr later wrote that "i blamed myself. not ambien".

Long before she was writing racist and offensive things on Twitter, Roseanne Barr was allegedly berating and mistreating staffers on the set of her eponymous sitcom, once forcing an underling to grill six burgers - all for her - under a broiling sun, a former TV exec says in a report. Wednesday morning Barr seemed to defend Gilbert, saying she was "distancing herself" from Barr because "she has to", adding that she forgives Gilbert.

Ironically, Roseanne's tweets were out of character with her rebooted show.

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Barr also supported the story that the Hillary Clinton campaign was running a child sex ring out of the basement of a pizza parlor.

Roseanne Barr shows no signs she will remain quiet about her firing from her popular ABC series and has highlighted supporters' tweets criticizing the network.

Given Barr's past incidents of bad behavior and questionable social media posts, ABC faced questions Wednesday about why it went back into business with her before it all blew apart. Channing Dungey, the president of ABC Entertainment, issued a statement Tuesday calling Barr's tweet "abhorrent, repugnant" and announced the show "Roseanne" - which the network had picked up for a second season - was being canceled.

In a now-deleted message, she wrote: "Guys I did something unforgiveable so do not defend me". She has expressed sorrow for her castmates, who are out of a job, while also blasting Gilbert and others for "throwing her under the bus" with public their public admonishments.

Jarrett appeared on an MSNBC special Tuesday night, called "Everyday Racism in America".

Although President Trump didn't explicitly come to Barr's defense, he did imply ABC was guilty of hypocrisy.