It's Neither Yanny Nor Laurel - It's Covfefe!

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A video posted to the White House's official Twitter account on Thursday might have put the whole debate to rest, but it might have also sparked a new one.

You've had to had seen it by now: The newest internet debate of Laurel versus Yanny. Story said, "When I analysed the recording of Laurel, that third resonance is very high for the L. It drops for the R and then it rises again for the L. The interesting thing about the word Yanny is that the second frequency that our vocal track produces follows nearly the same path, it terms of what it looks like spectrographically, as Laurel". Yanny and Laurel, the big meme that everyone was talking about on Wednesday, is now a thing of the past.

So, what do you hear?

Ivanka Trump is definitely on Team Laurel, but Kellyanne "alternative facts" Conway isn't too loyal to her side.

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So if you're hearing Laurel, you're likely picking up on the lower frequency.

"Sarah it's been reported that you hear Laurel, how do you respond?" an off-camera voice asks Sanders.

Decide for yourself by watching the clip above, via the White House. The confusing audio clip is playing around with frequency and the words the listener hears will depend on the range of frequency that the person picks up from the clip. The student, Katie Hetzel, said she searched for the word on, but when she played the pronunciation recording, she thought she was actually hearing "yanny". In a recent Twitter poll, 47% of people heard Yanny while 53% heard Laurel.

Even Mike Pence joined the fun, robotically turning to the camera and asking, "Who's Yanny?"