Elon Musk promises $1 rides in LA transit tunnels

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Musk, the SpaceX and Tesla founder who began a tunnel-digging venture called The Boring Co. previous year in Hawthorne, said on Twitter that he will present plans and take questions during the 7 p.m. meeting at Leo Baeck Temple. "But obviously that can only happen with public support".

Alongside the execs onstage was Boring Company "mascot" Gary the snail.

Elon Musk at a Hyperloop info session has revealed several other news on this.

"And if you could have hundreds of tunnels and small stations throughout the fabric of the city without even the city appearing different, you could solve the transport problem", Musk said. However, the company is also facing rising costs, especially as it endeavours to match Elon's vision of creating a tunnelling system that can dig tunnels 15 times faster than current machines, at a tenth of the cost.

150 miles per hour Loop ride for $1: The electric-powered pods would carry vehicles or up to 16 passengers at speeds of up to 150 miles per hour, which translates into an eight-minute trip from downtown L.A.to Los Angeles International Airport.

That announcement on Thursday night preceded a public event Musk held in the LA suburb of Bel-Air on Thursday night, during which he and Boring Company officials talked about the tunneling activities and took questions from members of the community. Pods would use on-ramps and off-ramps rather than running like a subway line.

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LA Metro was apparently concerned about the Boring Company's latest plan for a tunnel in West Los Angeles potentially interfering with their local rail system, but now they say that they will partner with the startup going forward. Eventually, The Boring Company would offer rides in this tunnel for feedback, "like a weird little Disney ride in LA", Musk said.

Tesla-driving Angelenos may soon be able to hop out of their battery-powered auto, board an electric pod in a Boring Co. tunnel and get to the port where SpaceX is about to build massive rockets that it aims to fly to Mars.

The plan calls for excavated soil to be compacted into concrete reinforcement segments for the tunnels, or turned into construction bricks.

He showed what the tunnels would look like in a test run done in the company's hyperloop chamber.

"If you think about it, if I can do this trip in about half-an-hour to an hour, I can do dozens of these a day and yet a long-haul aircraft can only make one of those flights a day", she told the audience.