Donald Trump Jr.'s meeting with Russian lawyer

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The committee released transcripts of five hours worth of testimony, taken in September of previous year, where Trump Jr. painted himself as a hapless innocent with convenient bouts of amnesia who just happened to have wandered into a meeting with a group of foreign agents eager to tip an election in his father's favor.

The conclusion is at odds with Republican members of the House intelligence committee, who said that while they agreed that Russian president Vladimir Putin wanted to hamper Mrs Clinton's campaign, that did not mean he wanted to help Mr Trump. The first is attempted coordination between the Trump campaign and Russian Federation, and the second is possible obstruction of justice regarding the investigation into that potential collusion. And now we know much more about what the people who were there said under oath about it.

The Mother Jones report added that Donald Trump appeared to be "fixated" on the idea of meeting with Putin and was "bitterly disappointed" when Putin said he would could not attend the Miss Universe contest and would not be able to meet with the real estate magnate. We now know that - despite her early denials of ties to Putin - Veselnitskaya is, in fact, a Russian informant.

In another email, Goldstone referred to Veselnitskaya as "the Russian government attorney". "Mr. Trump, Jr., said, 'So I believe you have some information for us'".

When asked if he remembered details of the calls, Mr. Trump replied, "I don't".

The published testimonies underpin Trump Jr.

Speaking to reporters after the meeting concluded, Sen.

The Washington Post has reported that the president dictated some of the misleading explanations for the meeting - which aides anxious could open him up to charges of a coverup. He stated "counsel" had been creating the response but that President "may have commented" about the statement to him through former White House official Hope Hicks. A big question has been whether that was his father, and whether Trump Jr. might have informed his father about the meeting. Trump Jr. then had a call with a blocked number roughly 20 minutes later.

Rob Goldstone
Rob Goldstone. Rob Goldstone Facebook

Democrats have speculated that the blocked numbers could represent communications back and forth between him and his father.

Regardless of whether or not any "dirt" on Hillary Clinton actually materialized after the Trump Tower meeting, any effort on the part of Donald Trump or Trump mislead investigators (including through the issuance of public statements) about the nature of the meeting could certainly be used as evidence of the Trump campaign's coordinated effort to obfuscate the story of what actually took place. Considering the meeting shows nothing significant happened, WHO CARES? "I never spoke with my father about it".

In addition to Trump Jr., the committee interviewed four other people who attended the Trump Tower meeting in NY - publicist Rob Goldstone, who set up the meeting with the promise of dirt on Clinton; Rinat Akhmetshin, a prominent Russian-American lobbyist; Ike Kaveladze, a business associate of a Moscow-based developer, and a translator. Goldstone emailed Trump's personal secretary, Rhona Graff, on July 22, 2015, just six days after Trump launched his presidential campaign, inviting Trump to attend Aras Agalarov's 60th birthday party on November 8 of that year in Moscow.

A spokesperson for Trump's outside legal team said Trump "was not aware of and did not attend the meeting".

The White House has said the president was involved in drafting an initial statement after news of the meeting broke past year.

Goldstone testified that Kushner became visibly angry during the meeting. "I wouldn't have wasted his time with it".

"It's not illegal to meet with someone to find out what they have to offer", Smith said.

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