Texas Gov. Abbott: We Want to Ensure Border Is Secure

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The Republican governors of Texas, Arizona and New Mexico on Monday committed 1,600 Guard members to the border, giving President Donald Trump numerous troops he requested to fight what he's called a crisis of migrant crossings and crime.

Under the federal law Trump invoked in his proclamation calling for National Guard troops, governors who send troops retain command and control over their state's Guard members and the USA government picks up the cost.

Second, they won't enforce immigration laws, make any immigration arrests, participate in any border wall construction, or be employed in a direct law enforcement role.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott has said that some of the troops going to the Texas border will be armed.

Third, not all of the 400 troops Brown agreed to accept federal funding for will deploy to the border; some will also deploy elsewhere in the state.

"I don't suppose it's a partisan downside or an id downside", he talked about.

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He said past increases in manpower reduced activity from drug cartels and traffickers. This program is now staffed by 250 personnel statewide, including 55 at the California border. "Issues of border security require the partnership of the federal government and our state and local allies to be successful".

The federal government must agree to the terms before the troops would be deployed.

South Carolina Gov. Henry McMaster, a Republican, provided to ship members of his state's Guard as correctly.

Brown has repeatedly fought with Trump over immigration protection.

Apprehensions are nonetheless correctly beneath their historic traits all through the phrases of former presidents George W. Bush and Barack Obama, every of whom moreover deployed the Guard to the border.

National Guardsmen stand in formation along the U.S. -Mexico border during a visit by California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger August 18, 2010 in San Ysidro, California. Organizers talked about they not at all meant to go to the US border.