New lead in death of Palestinian engineer

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Batsh's expertise in making weapons could have made him a target - militants in Hamas-ruled Gaza regularly fire rockets at southern Israel, usually without causing casualties. The body is expected to arrive in Gaza on Thursday.

The body of an assassinated Palestinian scientist was Wednesday driven through the Malaysian capital accompanied by a crowd shouting "God is greatest", as mourners accused Israel of killing him. He visited the mourning tent outside the house of al-Batsh's family in Jabaliya in the north of the Gaza Strip.

Islamist militant group Hamas had accused Israel's spy agency of being behind the killing.

According to the report, Fadi al-Batsh (35), was killed as part of an alleged operation by Israel's Mossad to take out Hamas scientists and engineers training overseas to gather "know-how and weaponry to fight Israel".

The US newspaper said Malaysia had been "a permissive environment for many rogue actors, as long as their focus was not directed within Malaysia", quoting Zachary Abuza, a professor at the US National War College in Washington who studies Southeast Asian security issues.

The Palestinian Journalists' Syndicate issued a statement strongly condemning the ongoing Israeli violations against the journalists in Palestine, and urging all global, legal and human rights organizations to perform their duties and provide the needed protection to the Palestinian people.

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A Palestinian journalist has died of his wounds after being shot by an Israeli sniper in ongoing protests along the Gaza fence, the Palestinian Ministry of Health in Gaza said.

Two days after he was shot in the stomach by an Israeli sniper, Hussein was given permission by Israeli officials to move from a Gaza hospital to one in Ramallah, in the West Bank. He appeared to be standing far from the Israeli border in a group of bystanders when he was shot.

On Monday night Hassan Nasrallah, the leader of Lebanon's Hezbollah, while addressing a public rally before elections, had condemned the "Israeli assassination" of Hamas engineer Fadi al-Batsh, saying that "some Lebanese minds have been killed under mysterious circumstances over the past few weeks and months around the world".

Hussein‎ was working as a photojournalist for Gaza's Al-Shaab radio station and wore a protective vest marked "Press" at the protest on April 13, witnesses said, according to Reuters.

Fatah stressed that the worldwide silence encourages Israel to continue its crimes against the Palestinian people.