Google shares closed lower Tuesday ahead of the new Gmail update

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I wish there were a calendar integrated into Inbox by Gmail (there isn't one in the standalone Gmail app either); that's something that's missing from a lot of email clients.

The rollout has begun today and will be phased over the next few months. A prompt with shortcuts to unsubscribe or refuse will be displayed on top of the inbox on the mobile interface.

With this roll-out, Google is aiming to make Gmail smarter, more secure, and easier to use.

A host of buttons in the top-right corner also easily allows users to access Calendar and other useful apps. Google has also incorporated AI chops to scan your emails to detect which are to be tended to on priority.

There will be new warnings in Gmail alerting users to when a potentially risky email comes through, created to be more eye-catching to help users keep their information safe. Not all of the 1.4 billion users will get it right away.

Google will also offer a Gmail offline mode that has the same UI as the online version.

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The new setting does not override corporate email retention policies or present new obstacles to law enforcement. Check out more details on new Gmail interface here. Just as well, Gmail will now automatically recommend unsubscribing from newsletters by analyzing how many you're sent and how often you actually read them. Either the feature doesn't work or the directions for using it are wrong. With Gmail, Google said it rebuilt email stockpiling databases, bound together three dueling frameworks for matching up messages crosswise over gadgets and overhauled PCs supporting the administration. When you send a message in confidential mode, Gmail essentially creates a link to the content, and delivers that to the recipient. Now Gmail is adding more offline support, so users can read, write and reply to emails offline.

But the key feature is confidential mode, which allows people to remove the ability to forward, copy, download or print certain messages, such as messages containing personal information.

Google also seems to be actively working to reduce phishing attacks by incorporating machine-learning algorithms to run rigorous safety checks on every email.

Email attachments will now show up as rounded icons directly below the subject line of the email.

Gmail's big redesign is now rolling out to everyone. But whether regular users really like the update is something we will have to wait and watch. Since a very long time, there has been no update to the Gmail's UI or its related app.