Arenado charges mound, benches clear at Rockies, Padres game

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In the first inning, Rockies shortstop Trevor Story was hit by a pitch. The right hander was in no mood to throw hands however and he threw his glove at the charging Arenado before back peddling his way into the scrum of players.

Rockies third baseman Nolan Arenado did more fighting today than National Basketball Association players have done all season.

The next pitch the Padres threw was the one behind Arenado which led directly to the bench-clearing brawl.

Tensions boiled over at Coors Field Wednesday afternoon between the Colorado Rockies and the San Diego Padres.

The benches cleared and the scuffle lasted over a minute as the two were separated and then another brawl broke out. Ellis and Rockies outfielder Gerardo Parra.

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It actually makes Arenado's dodge of Perdomo's throw even more impressive.

Perdomo and Ellis were the only Padres ejected from the game.

Padres center fielder Manuel Margot was placed on the 10-day disabled list with bruised ribs after being struck by a Scott Oberg fastball in the ninth inning Tuesday.

Certainly there will be fines and suspensions after this game and how they affect Colorado remains to be seen. In the third inning, all hell broke loose.

The Padres had taken notice of the Rockies pitchers throwing inside in the series' previous two games, both won by the Padres.