Apple to replace batteries in some MacBook Pro laptops

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According to reports, failure in the limited number of MacBook Pros has caused the battery to expand; hence the company has chose to offer a free worldwide replacement for such affected MacBooks. Yes, you heard that right.

Apple is having battery troubles again, moving on from iPhones to MacBooks this time; specifically the 13-inch MacBook Pro (non Touch Bar). Is your MacBook Pro affected? Despite the many benefits, in certain circumstances, these batteries tend to swell, which happened some users MacBook.

According to Apple, the affected laptops were manufactured between October 2016 and October 2017. For further information, head on to Apple's official website right here. It seems that the issue is affecting Apple customers throughout the world since customers in Malaysia are included in the program as well. To find your MacBook's serial number, click on the Apple logo in the Menu Bar and select "About this Mac", scroll to the bottom of the information window to get the serial number. Enter the number and hit the Submit button.

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Apple has announced that it will replace the batteries of some 13-inch MacBook Pro units.

This doesn't affect the standard warranty of the laptop, Apple notes in its documentation, and if your computer has been damaged in some way that prevents the battery being replaced, that will have to be fixed first - and that fix may incur a cost, before you get your free battery swap. Fret not though, the company will be replacing those batteries for free.

Furthermore, the new battery replacement program will be available for five years since the original release of this product, Macbook Pro.