5 questions I still have for Sean Hannity about Michael Cohen

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During a court appearance on Monday, Trump lawyer Michael Cohen revealed that his mystery third client was Sean Hannity.

In the weeks since, the media-savvy Avenatti has helped keep the spotlight on the case, shepherding his client through a high-stakes 60 Minutes interview, sparring with one of Cohen's lawyers on cable news, taunting Cohen and Trump on Twitter and hinting at startling new developments.

Hannity addressed the news on his AM radio show, claiming that while he never retained Cohen in the "traditional" sense, they still had attorney-client privilege.

"I assumed those conversations were confidential, but to be absolutely clear, they never involved any matter between me and a third-party", Hannity added in his social media post.

Jimmy Kimmel might regret ending his Twitter war with Sean Hannity earlier this month after Trump's personal attorney, Michael Cohen, revealed in federal court Monday that the Fox News host was his secret third client. But, as the news of Hannity's role ping-ponged around media and political circles in NY and Washington, Hannity downplayed any attorney-client relationship he has had with Cohen. I never paid a legal fee.

After relating the insane way the disclosure all went down and the gasps that the name elicited, Maddow added: "I still am struggling not to laugh".

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"Cohen only has two other clients and all he does for them is pay off mistresses", Colbert joked, "which raises the obvious question, who did Sean Hannity have sex with?" "You could have said just that you asked him for advice or whatever, but I think it would have been much, much better had you disclosed that".

The debate over whether Hannity is an activist or a journalist - he kind of, sort of, identifies as both depending on which is more convenient at any given time - is beside the point here. "Now he's on his program saying it was really nothing, I was asking for legal advice about real estate". Sekulow has been a frequent guest on Hannity's Fox show. I did have occasional, brief conversations with Michael Cohen.

The president dispatched attorneys who asked the judge to grant them access to Cohen's files obtained in the raid, but they were denied. "I can tell you, inside the network, people are confused, they're angry, no one knew it was coming down the pike, including management, everyone was sort of caught off guard, is what I can tell".

Hannity nodded to transparency concerns last May when Sekulow appeared on his show, introducing him as someone "who's done legal work for me in the past".

His real goal, of course, is to overturn that election by "getting" Trump on something - anything will do - that Congress can treat, and that the public will accept, as impeachable/indictable. Now maybe you hate Trump and you're happy about that, but what are the rest of us losing in this process?

Noah called out Hannity for being "unethical" for not divulging his relationship with Cohen.